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Victoria L. Goldy-Rhodes
Date: 2011-08-04 17:09
Subject: Writer's Block: Happy birthday Mr. President!
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What is one thing that needs to be changed in your country?

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There really needs to be higher taxes for the "filthy" rich in this country. Maybe then we can get rid of some of this debt and get some decent help for the low and middle class people in this country!
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Victoria L. Goldy-Rhodes
Date: 2011-08-04 16:58
Subject: Secrets, Monsters, and Magic Mirrors Review
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For my first formal review for, I sat down with Secrets, Monsters, and Magic Mirrors by Donald Lemke. This was a set of 5 fairy tales, redone in graphic novel format. This was designed to introduce younger readers to the graphic novel format. I believe that this is the second installment of graphic novels intended for younger readers. The five stories were The Princess and the Pea, Beauty and the Beast, Thumblina, Snow White, and Rapunzel. After each story was a short passage about the history of the story that was just told, which was something I really enjoyed as an adult, but something that I think might be ignored by its intended audience.

I liked the stories that were chosen to be retold, and think that they are a good introduction to graphic novels for younger readers. However, I read this on my Kindle and it was very poorly formatted! The Kindle had to be turned on its side in order to “read” the stories and the comic cells were overlapping on each page, making it so you read the same dialogue twice. There were also several blank or black pages in between each story that had to be scrolled through. These flaws were extremely distracting and annoying. However, they may be corrected prior to actual release.

Some of the art was very wonderfully done, others seemed almost amateurish, something I was not really expecting. The art for Snow White was clearly the best, while Thumblina and Rapunzel were tied for the worst art prize. Beauty and the Beast fell somewhere in the middle of the pack, and The Princess and the Pea took second place for best art for me. However, the Kindle rendered this book in black and white, which didn’t do the art justice.

There were some “new” twists in some of the stories, making them enjoyable to read at my age! All in all, I would give this book 3 and ½ stars, and would recommend reading this on a color e-reader, computer, or in DTB (dead tree book) format, to make the art really stand out.
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Victoria L. Goldy-Rhodes
Date: 2011-07-15 20:43
Subject: Sarah’s Garden and Lilly’s Wedding Quilt Reviews
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Location:United States, Ohio, Fairborn

For most of you that don’t know, I’ve recently returned to Christianity.  With that return, I’ve noticed that my reading tastes have once again changed, as I am reading more Christian Fiction/Romance than I used to.  I’ve even challenged myself to read 100 of these types of books by end of year and I just got started in May!

I’ve also signed up on, a website that looks for readers to review books that publishers put out to them.  As this is one of the places where I said I would post a review, I’m going to practice by reviewing a couple of the books I just finished.

Sarah’s Garden and Lilly’s Wedding Quilt by Kelly Long are part of her A Patch of Heaven series.  They are both set in the Amish Community of Pine Creek, Pennsylvania.  Of the two books in the series so far, I prefer the second book, Lilly’s Wedding Quilt.  Both books are very well written and entertaining to read, but I was able to connect more with the characters in Lilly’s Wedding Quilt than I did with the characters of Sarah’s Garden.

To me, Sarah’s Garden suffered from the problem of the main character being too unreachable.  Sarah seemed to be very distant and unreachable from a reader’s perspective.  While the mysteries surrounding Grant were able to keep me interested in the book, Sarah’s constant withdrawals made it difficult for me to care about what happened to her.  This could have been a case of extreme shyness, but it became wearying as the book went on.  However, it did allow us to see how much Sarah grew as a woman of faith, and her newfound confidence was apparent in the second book.

Lilly’s Wedding Quilt tackled some tough issues for an Amish community, depression and a marriage of convenience.  Lilly was easy to identify with, even as an Englisher (Amish term for anyone that is not a member of the Amish Community).  Her fear of a loveless marriage is something that many of us go through.  Her strength in caring for her mother during a difficult illness is also something easily identified with.  Her husband, Jacob, also has some trust issues that any woman can easily identify with as well.  Their story is all the more poignant for what they had to go through in order to realize the depth of their love for one another.

I would have to give the series as a whole four stars, with Sarah’s Garden earning 3.5 stars and Lilly’s Wedding Quilt earning 4.5 stars.  I would definitely recommend this series to others and would read it again when the mood strikes.

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Victoria L. Goldy-Rhodes
Date: 2011-07-12 15:15
Subject: Possible reviewer?
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I'm hoping to sign up on a website where I would have to post a review for a book on my blog.  If these do not interest folks, please just ignore them!  If they might interest you, just drop a comment!
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Victoria L. Goldy-Rhodes
Date: 2011-04-08 08:38
Subject: Writer's Block: It's cold outside
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I live in Minnesota, so it's funny to hear people in places like California complaining about the cold. What temperature is too cold for you?

First question listed was submitted by jadetheblade. (Follow-up questions, if any, may have been added by LiveJournal.)

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LOL, practically anything under 70 degrees is too cold for me!  I had a case of hypothermia several years ago and it has made me overly sensitive to the cold.
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Victoria L. Goldy-Rhodes
Date: 2011-04-08 08:36
Subject: Writer's Block: Teenage dream
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If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

First question listed was submitted by susanreiny21. (Follow-up questions, if any, may have been added by LiveJournal.)

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This would be interesting...considering the fact I married my first love!  I'd probably ask him what he was doing standing outside when he could be inside changing our son's poopy diaper!
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Victoria L. Goldy-Rhodes
Date: 2011-04-07 15:12
Subject: Listen to this playlist: duskrider3740's Playlist
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Victoria L. Goldy-Rhodes
Date: 2011-04-05 20:08
Subject: Raising My Head From the Sand?
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Location:United States, Ohio, Fairborn
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Its been 2 years since I posted here...I didn't realize that it had been such a long time!  Of course, the inbox of my e-mail address can bear testament to that, with its 26,000+ e-mails in it!  I finally decided yesterday that it was high time I cleaned it out, so I decided to come back to LJ as well.  We'll see how it goes...

So what have I been doing, you ask?  Mostly playing WoW and running a household.  As of this writing, I have 3 level 85 characters (with a fourth at 82), all evidence of having no life to speak of.  Spare time in the evenings is spent either on WoW, reading, or working on one of two afghans I have started to crochet for my daughter and nephew.

I don't really do much, do I?  The problem I ranted on when I left LJ back in June 09 is still prevalent; I have few people that visit me anymore.  In fact, I have almost no outside interactions to speak of, save for my parents and daughter.  This is also compounded by the fact that my little family is down to one vehicle, with the demise of Chris so-called PoS hatchback.  I actually came to the realization the other day that I am exceedingly lonely.  It took me being excited to hear back from a couple of webmasters from two different websites and trading e-mails with them for me to realize how isolated and lonely I have become.

I don't enjoy the feeling much, TBH.  I guess this is my way of putting out feelers to see who is still out there and willing to talk to me.
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Victoria L. Goldy-Rhodes
Date: 2009-03-30 17:46
Subject: What's Your Personality Type?, borrowed from samurai_ko
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Location:Fairborn, OH
Music:JAG on DVD
You Are An ISTJ
The Duty Fulfiller

You are responsible, reliable, and hardworking - you get the job done.
You prefer productive hobbies, like woodworking or knitting.
Quiet and serious, you are well prepared for whatever life hands you.
You are conservative and down-to-earth. You hardly ever do anything crazy.

In love, you are loyal and honest. If you commit yourself to someone, then you're fully committed.
For you, love is something that happens naturally. And you don't need romantic gestures to feel loved.

At work, you remember details well and are happy to take on any responsibility.
You would make a great business executive, accountant, or lawyer.

How you see yourself: Decisive, stable, and dependable

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Boring, conservative, and egotistical
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Victoria L. Goldy-Rhodes
Date: 2009-02-17 16:38
Subject: Borrowed from terri_osborne
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Location:Fairborn, OH
Music:JAG rerun

Your result for The Elemental Beauty Test...

Natural Beauty

You scored 25% Earth! Outstanding!

The Earth element is a natural beauty. They tend to keep more toward greens, blacks, and natural colors for their wardrobe and their make-up, if they wear it to begin with. They tend to be grounded and not caught up in the latest trends. They are more interested in doing what feels right for them and being in touch with what is around them.

For inner beauty earth elements look for stability and commitment. They look after others and their family. They are realistic and tactile, meaning they aren't afraid to touch and be touched. But they can also be quite stubborn and unmoving when their mind is made up.

Zodiac signs for earth are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

You also scored:

25% Water: Water is the etheral beauty. They like things that drape and shimmer. The love vintage and heirlooms; things with emotional ties and history. 0% Water may mean that you don't trust or use your intuition. Equal Water and Air would indicate a person that is a hard worker with a need for security and an attachment to possessions.

25% Air: Air is the fearless beauty. They are offbeat and funny. The mix old fashions with new and love to make new trends. They aren't afraid to be new or crazy. 0% Air could indicate that you have trouble looking at things objectively. Persons with equal Earth and Air are usually those who think and use good common sense.

25% Fire: Fire is the alluring beauty. They like to wear bright colors and show some skin. They are sexually minded and spicy. They use a lot of charm to get what they want. 0% Fire can often be seen in someone that pushes and tries to force self-expression. An equal Fire and Earth person is someone who has the ability to be powerfully creative. Fire provides the motivation and Earth provides the tangible results.

Take The Elemental Beauty Test

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